Monday, July 26, 2010

Shower for baby Tanner

Daddy's Diaper Bag
Jesse's diaper bag is a fishing tackle bag...
I embroidered it and stuffed it with the necessities...
"Born To Hunt" bib
Customized burp cloth
Tag blanket
Customized diaper wipe container
Magazines for dad & Slim Jims
"Buck stops here"...sign for bedroom
Deer hunter pacifier and camo string to hold it
Inside the plastic container that came with the
box, I put in socks, wash cloth, powder, hand sanitizer
lotion and extra strings for pacificers.
Fatigued onsie
Old west outfit

For Mom
We had a beautiful shower for her!!
Started out with the diaper cake that we made.
We covered it with onsies in her theme which is
woodland animals...customized the blanket
it sat on...Tanner.....
The bottom tier of the diaper cake
is a Boppy, with custom minky cover...
I made basket liners for her changing table...
and attached stuffed animals in her theme...

Inside one of the baskets is a customized changing pad cover

Our games were:
What candy bar goes with this phrase...
The ABC game, where you choose a baby item to go
with each letter of the alphabet...

The winner of each game got a
Customized Candy Jar

We asked each guest to give
Erin their best advice to the new mother to be...
And then we glued them inside this foldable album.

This was her cake...

And this is my daughter Amy (right) with the new mommy to be, Erin

We opened presents, took pictures, played with the kids
and drank great punch!!!
Blue Hawaiin Punch
Vanilla Ice Creat
Perfect for a little boys shower!!

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Cute, cute, cute!!!

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