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Instructions on Making a T-Shirt Quilt
First you need T-Shirts
Light weight fusible interfacing for knits, ( I buy this by the bolt)
I used a 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" quilters square and a rotary cutter
Backing for quilt (I have used flat queen sized sheets) cheaper than buying material
Material for bindings, sashing or block framing
If you are going to add pictures to your quilt, you will need computer photo transfer paper (walmart) for either dark or light fabric depending on your colors
 I have made some of mine 5 square across, 5 squares down and this more than covers a queen size bed

Take your t-shirts and cut them up from bottom to under each arm. Lay them out flat and then
take the quilters square, center it on t-shirt, and cut around quilters square. Depending on how big you want to make your quilt will decide how many t-shirts and how many pictures you will need to cut out.
Make your pictures on the transferable paper and iron on to the material you are using for these squares. Cut around them to make them square and adhere interfacting to these also.
Adhere the fusible interfaceing to the back of all squares
Square up all blocks
Cut out sashing, joing sashing strips to sides first, and then to bottoms and tops.
Arrange blocks into rows as desired. Join blocks into horizontal rows, then join rows.
You can now cut fabric for outside borders.
Add borders to quilt sides and then to top and bottom
I like to sandwich mine instead of using binding, so I lay the quilt down on the floor, then the backing-right sides together, then the batting. Sew thru all layers, leaving opening for turning.
Turn quilt right sides out and press.
Be careful when pressing DO NOT touch pictures with will be sorry!!!!
I tie my quilts instead of quilting.
Using a light weight cord of matching colors and use a half-round upholstry needle to tie the four corners of the squares together... I have on some quilts, quilted the borders with their scool names and mascots...just an idea...You can also add their tassels or other memorabilia from school and attach it directly onto quilt, adds a nice touch!
I also like to make a note on the photo transfer paper and iron it on the back of the quilt, stating who it's from, date, and occasion.

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